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The phrase “climate change” is increasingly present in the media, classrooms, and everyday life. What does it mean? Study after study tells us climate change is real and happening already. It’s well understood how human fossil fuel emissions, or Anthropogenic emissions, have contributed to a warming planet. As greenhouse gases trap more heat within our atmosphere the Northwest will experience impacts like rising acidity in Puget Sound, low snow-pack in the summer, longer wildfire seasons, rising sea levels, and increased flooding. These impacts will influence the economy, city planning decisions, and much more. We are taking steps towards mitigation and preparing for the impacts ahead so that when the waves get rough, the Northwest can stand resilient. We are quickly finding ourselves part of the first generations that must adapt to a new climate, and we must do everything we can to plan for these impacts!

This website is part of a larger effort to increase climate literacy, create climate stewardship leaders, and foster community climate action through schools in the Southern Puget Sound. Please follow to “Who We Are” for more information on the partners, the people, and our goals.