Ocean Acidification


Ocean Acidification


What is Ocean Acidification?

The ocean is acidifying because of the increased amount of CO2 it absorbs.It’s chemistry is changing, and quickly, which means the conditions current species evolved in is shifting rapidly away from what they know. The pH is changing as the uptake of CO2 rises.

What does it do?

Shellfish having increasingly difficult time building shells, homes, wasting energy, even dissolving shells, homes, wasting energy, even dissolving.

Why does it matter?

Those small creatures directly impacted by acidifying waters impact the rest of the food web. Animals that eat them will have less food, and we like to eat some of those animals. People have jobs dedicated to catching or harvesting these animals so we can eat it at the dinner table. Animals and us will have less food to depend on, and thousands of people will be impacted through their jobs based on catching, canning, or selling seafood.


Alternative questions: How does it impact us? What can we do?