Student Portal

Hello students! If you’re interested in learning more about climate change, ocean acidification, and what actions you can take. Keep on reading for internet resources, or explore more of the website. We look forward to helping you learn!

Internet Resources
A Forest Service website that bring webcasts, webinars, and online climate education resources to students!

U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit
Click here to join the action of assessing climate change through calculating and analyzing aspects of a changing climate. Take a look at some of their tools and check out their videos too!

Meet a Scientist!
Ever wondered what a scientist looks like?¬†Now’s your chance to meet the people who became scientists and learn how anyone can be a scientist! This site also has fun activities that help you learn more about coral reefs and their habitat. What are some¬†connections between coral reefs and climate change?

– Summer Climate Resiliency Youth Leadership Program
Grays Harbor College, Mount Rainier Institute, and Mount2Sounds- focused on science, stewardship and service. In this five-week program, 20 local students between the ages of 14-16 will earn a stipend while developing leadership and job skills! Activities will include team building, introduction to marine science and hydrological cycle, ecosystem health indicators, non-point source pollution, micro-plastic, scientific measurements, instruments and sampling, and charts, maps and marine spatial planning! You’ll join NOAA scientists and other local watershed partners and researchers to utilize Grays Harbor Historical Seaport ships and equipment to conduct “real” field research in their own “local” waters. With the professional and leadership skills you acquire, you’ll work with Grays Harbor Stream Team, Grays Harbor County Department of Environmental Health to complete Action Projects!

– Action Projects for Community Resiliency.
Some of these projects include: water quality monitoring, riparian restoration, measuring stream flow, and implementing the Cool School Challenge (an contest to reduce carbon footprints for schools, churches, and homes).