No Idle Zones

No Idle Zones

One way to approach climate action is to focus on community health concerns. You and parents at your school might already have one in mind: the exhaust from idling cars waiting to pick up students. Schools around the country have started “No Idle Zones” campaigns that both educate and put an action plan in place. Studies show there are elevated levels of air toxins that occur when parents idle their cars while waiting for students. Children’s lungs are still developing, and inhalation day after day could have a impact on their health. Campaigning to reduce idling no only improves student health, but lowers carbon emissions from waiting parents. Students and teachers will put in time on this action, but it will encourage parents to take a piece of the action by simply turning their key!

The EPA provides resources for how to start a campaign at your school, have your students lead it, and has links to other campaigns and resources from other schools and programs.

Link: EPA Idle Free Schools 

Link: How to Make it a Student Project

Link: AirwatchNW Anti-Idling Program



Photo credits:

Idling Gobbles Up Fuel – Canada No-Idling Campaign

Children Breathing Sign – EPA No-Idling Toolkit