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The Climate Resiliency Fellows is a program of the Nisqually River Education Project, South Sound GREEN and Chehalis Basin Education Consortium. After the annual Summer Teacher Institute, the Fellows meet quarterly to talk climate science, explore new curriculum and support each other in bringing climate change education into the classroom. Matt Samson is a teacher at Hansen Alternative School and one of our Climate Resiliency Fellows this year. Thanks for sharing these awesome climate education links, Matt! 


When you’re having a hard time gathering the funding to take that next field trip, often times staying at school is the only option. Here is a list of some of my favorite web sites that I have used with my students.
Tree Benefit Calculator
To use when you are studying trees and climate change.

Encylopedia of Life
It’s amazing what is out there. Consider doing reports to celebrate the biodiversity of our planet.

Project WET
A great way to teach kids about the water cycle in a way that is highly motivating and interactive.

This is a fantastic collection of science videos.

NOAA Estuaries
My favorite federal agency and a load of resources to go along with teaching salmon, water cycle, and climate change.

NOAA Games
Lots of fun games to accompany the above website.

Puget Sound Starts Here
You may have seen the posters of the tacky man in polyester being irresponsible with pet waste or when washing his car. Those posters are from “Puget Sound Starts Here.” Here is their website. Consider doing using this site to do a research project on local waterways that fill the Puget Sound.

Washington Green Schools
This program turns your entire school into a learning laboratory. I used this site with my kids to do energy audits, even though we did not do the whole certification program.

Whale Rescue
Finally, here is a viral video from a few years back. This is a big “Thank You” from mother earth to the humans who are fighting for ecological justice. You must watch this!

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